FAQ on Title 5  Inspection      

Updated on Nov 5, 2013

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The average cost of a Title 5 Inspection is between $600 to $700. The price depends upon how much digging is needed to locate the components. 
Some towns require septic pumping at the time of inspection. The cost of pumping a septic tank is between $150 to $250 depending on how many gallons are pumped out.

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Tips on passing a Title 5 Inspection

Avoid putting bleach into the drain either by cleaning the tub, toilets or any area that would drain into the system. If your washing machine is connected to the septic system avoid using bleach as this will kill good bacteria that naturally breaks down the sewage in the pipes and tanks.

 If your washing machine drains into the septic system you may consider having a separate system as this will alleviate most of your problems. You could have good bacteria added to your system to break down solids, however a properly operating system will not need it. Avoid house parties before the inspection date.

Fix any leaking water faucets, even a small leak can create an overflow over time. Avoid rainfall from getting into the system through the covers. Make sure the covers are properly sealed and there is a slight mound above the cover to keep rain water from pooling and getting into the system.

Avoid using your garbage disposal if you have one. A septic system was not designed to break down food from a garage disposal. The amount of occupants will greatly effect a system.

The more people living in a home the more demand you put on a system, Also homes that have frequents guests and parties will overwork a septic system.

Avoid growing trees on top of the system as the roots will damage the pipes and leaching field. If roots do block a pipe, there is a snake machine that can cut away the roots, however if the tree is not removed the pipes will eventually get clogged again.
Have your tanks along with your D Box pumped every 2 to 3 years. Try to keep the area above the leaching field open and sunny and last but not least, don't drive a car over the system.

If I have a cesspool will I automatically fail?
State law does not require replacing of cesspools, although some towns will not pass a cesspool.

My septic system is 50 years old, will I automatically fail?
No, as long as all components are working properly you will pass.

Who can perform title 5 inspections?
Only certified inspectors can perform the inspection.